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Friday, February 25, 2011

TSRA in Annapolis on 25 Feb!!

Spring is up on us in Annapolis- 2 cloud-to-ground lightning strokes outside my windown in the past 2 minutes. Latest radar shows weak convection racing toward us (dBZ ~ 50, not too high)... of course, Tds are falling (now 48F, with a gusty WSW wind), so the instability isn't much, but enough to give us convection. We'll see what blows through in the next 15 mins.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Finally- spring is giving us a taste this week! After a winter mostly below normal, this week's temperatures promise to be at and above normal: today's predicted high is 62 (after a morning low near 49- can't beat that!), tomorrow's high should be 45 (to drop back only to normal after a cold front is nice), then back toward 60 by the middle & end of the week. Good times!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

Ice hockey: what a novelty!

Last night I went to my first ever ice hockey game, to watch Navy play Westchester Co. (from the Philly area). It was exciting (and cold inside, as expected I guess), as Navy won 4-3 in overtime. Here are 2 pics.

A lazy Saturday (the best!)

This morning I woke up at 6:30 a.m. - wide awake - and decided to take advantage of the time to research brightness temperatures & Planck's law, essentially trying to see if it's possible to reconcile satellite obs at 10.8 um and 11 um (i.e., if I have 11 um and want to know what the Tb would be if it were sampled at 10.8 um instead, what's the methodology?) I got some good ideas (including someone's MS Thesis... not peer-reviewed, but very detailed on the basics!)

Then I went back to sleep, hahaha. We're socked in with drizzle and light rain all day, so no loss there. I did end up heading out for a run around 2 p.m., and found that downtown Annapolis was equally slow to fill with people. Before heading out, I watched a really unusual futbol (soccer) match between Newcastle & Arsenal- the Arsenal were up 4-0 (they scored all 4 goals in 25 mins), but then messed around, ended up getting a red card at the 50 min mark, and Newcastle scored 4 goals to tie it. For one team to score 4 goals in a professional match is unusual; to have both teams score 4, very unusual! Now I'm cooking lasagna, downloading Reanalysis SST data (at 750 mb per year, for 30 years, and 500kb/hr, it's a SLOW process), and just watched OU stink it up against OSU in basketball.

All in all it's been a lazy Saturday, exactly the kind that's the best!

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