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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

'Tis 4 nights before Christmas and...

'Tis 4 nights before Christmas and:

1. The temperature|dew point combination at 9:00 p.m. at KNAK was outrageous. 64/59, a combination more likely seen at 9 pm in late September than in late December! The resultant theta-e must be at least 1 standard deviation above normal (maybe 2).

2. Another paper submission (this one to Atm. Environ) keeps inching itself closer to being done. The intro & methodology sections are written, and the figures are (mostly) made, just have to write up the results & discuss them. Target date: 30 Dec. We'll see!

3. All but 2 of my Annapolis gifts have been delivered

4. I'm heading to N. Carolina in 2 days!

5. There's essentially no hint at all of any snow for either central NC or MD for the next 10 days.

6. The Dominican Republic sounds like a great place to spend the first week of January, doesn't it? :)

7. UNC just beat Texas in basketball. OU gets its 2 chances later in 2012.

8. Work-related travel is getting closer- AMS in Jan, Chile/Ecuador in Mar, SWIFT in May, and summer?

9. Summer funding is still up in the air. I'm hopefull for NSF, but I guess if nothing comes through I'll have a couple of months to myself - not a terrible alternative (just a costly one!)


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