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Saturday, February 28, 2009

And what a snowstorm it could be . . .

The 00Z 01 March numerical guidance has converged on a solution that looks pretty promising for snow here in Annapolis. Originally both the NAM and GFS spread coastal cyclogenesis over a broad region, sometimes with two low centers separated by about 5 degrees latitude, and as a result both low models' lows moved several hundred miles offshore and generated heavy precip over the ocean. The past 18 hours have seen first the GFS & NOGAPS, and now the NAM-WRF, consolidate cyclogenesis into one low pressure center and move it NE basically along the coast. This results in somewhere between 0.5" and 0.75" QPF for Annapolis and vicinity starting tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon and ending around 18Z Monday 02 March.

The QPF, H500, and MSLP forecasts are posted below. I have my camera battery charged, and we'll see what happens.

The city of brotherly love

Over President's day, I joined my friend Dan Simmons in Delaware and spent the day in Philadelphia, the "City of Brotherly Love". We visited Independence Hall, saw the Liberty Bell, ran up the "Rocky Steps" of the Museum of Art, and ate a cheesesteak at Pat's in South Philly. It was a great way to spend 6 hours. Here are some photos.

Good day for some cycling

Today I went onto campus to watch the Navy Cycling Team's race weekend. Today's race was a loop course around Hospital Point, and one of my students is on the "C" team, so I went down to watch the team and cheer him on.

Here are a few photos. Some of the other teams in the race were Pfeiffer, West Virginia, NC State, American, Virginia, Virginia Tech, William and Mary, and probably a few others that I can't remember right now.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

State of the Union

I think Obama is giving a very good speech: I always like it when he talks fast and covers his points in a concise but well-organized manner. I don't think the rhetoric is partisan, and it seems that the "applause meter" goes along the same lines: most of the standing applauses seem to include both sides of the aisle.

I also liked how the camera cut to Senator Levin of Michigan almost immediately when President Obama started talking about the automobile industry.

Finally, what is with Mr. Obama and his eagerness? His protocol office must be going crazy: he botched the swearing in last month (jumped the gun on the Chief Justice), and then tonight he started into his speech even before Speaker of the House Pelosi gaveled him in. Guess it's always better to be over-eager than uninterested!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lots of goings & comings

1- Last Friday, I paid over $600 to comply with Maryland laws and change over my driver's license, title to my car, license plate, and car registration. I had to get my car inspected, an ordeal in itself, as the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration says there are "over 1,600 locations" to get the inspection, even though I had to go to 5 car service places to find one that does the state inspection (the Exxon beside the mall, does it for $69.00 and offers walk-up service). I also had to pay the difference in excise (sales) tax between MD & NC (N.Carolina charges 3%, MD 6%), and the license & registration fees. Anyway it took up an entire Fri afternoon, and I understand why people would be reluctant to make the change.

2- My small group through Mariner's church is coming to my apartment this Wednesday. I'm going to make Bean Soup & orange jello dish for them. The group is setup so that each member/couple hosts in rotation, and this week I get the honors. I'm excited to have friends over to my apt for the first time since moving to Annapolis.

3- Classes are going really well. I like my students, the rappor we have, and of course the subject matter. This really is a great job.

4- I visited Philadelphia on President's day last week with Dan Simmons. We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall (which is across the street from the Chilean consulate, go figure!), and the "Rocky Steps". Pictures are already on Facebook and I'll try to get 'em up here on Blogger too (have I mentioned before that I think uploading photos to blogger is a real pain? I think that explains my reluctance, b/c it takes at least 15 minutes to upload a series of pictures, and then giving them captions is just not easy.)

5- I'm going to Norway for spring break to visit Trygve!!

6- My new status as a Dept of Defense employee means I'm now subject to their various "force protection" policies covering int'l travel... I'm buying the line that "it's for my own good", but their policy is really way too restrictive and encroaching -- the gov't shouldn't extend its already-too-long arm into personal activities that have nothing to do with the gov't.

Monday, February 09, 2009

My first ESL class

Today, at the suggestion of a good friend from Chapel Hill (Jen Hagin), I connected with a volunteer group from Anne Arundel Community College and helped out on an ESL class (English as a Second Language). I tutored one-on-one a lady from the dominican republic. She was a beginner in nearly every way -- in her english skills, and also her skills as a student. I helped out for 2.5 hrs (of the 3 hr class), and headed home after a LONG day (7:30-4:30 at USNA, 6-8:30 volunteering as an instructor of english)! But it was fulfilling, and I hope to get back there soon.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Facebook goes mainstream

You know that Facebook has gone big-time when editorials start appearing in the Charlotte Observer about the latest personal "tell-all" hype sweeping Facebook now: you know it as "25 Things". I guess I first saw it on Marcia's page about 2 weeks ago, and I've read probably a dozen and been tagged in half a dozen more of the lists. Most range from mildly interesting to "I can't believe you did/said/saw/felt that!" Anyway, for an only-recently-popular internet application to make it into the print media so soon, I guess that's just more proof about Facebook's pervasiveness. I'm on the lookout for what the NY Times says next.

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